Car Details


⁃ MAXIMUS is a redesigned hand built 1968 Dodge Charger that aesthetically retains the iconic vintage muscle car's identity, while showcasing custom designed systems that surpass super car specifications.

⁃ MAXIMUS is a testament to the extremes in car design, aesthetics and function. No one could ever create this car again, as the vast amount of our copyrighted technology and designs are unobtainable, and would take over a decade to complete.

⁃ MAXIMUS was conceived and designed by music producer Scott Spock and built by the legendary Tom Nelson and his remarkable team at Nelson Racing Engines.

⁃ MAXIMUS has been built by hand from scratch around a patented twin turbo 9.4 Liter 572 inch 2250 PLUS VERIFIED HORSEPOWER ALL-ALLOY HEMI engine.

⁃ MAXIMUS is hand forged with over 16,000 hours in custom metal work to obtain the final ALL-METAL wide body design. The metal is covered with a custom clear coat.

⁃ MAXIMUS performance: 0-60 in 1.8 sec and. 0-160 in 8 sec.

⁃ MAXIMUS’s systems have been custom designed to handle the power of the engine. This includes custom suspension, exhaust, traction control systems, and computer systems. All computerized aspects are hidden and can be exposed by a custom "James Bond” robotic dashboard which holds the original AM Radio exposing custom technology on an iOS based touch screen.

⁃ MAXIMUS can be seen in the end scene of Fast & Furious 7 where they bid farewell to Paul Walker. That footage also was used in the world wide #1 song “See You Again” video, a song by rapper Wiz Khalifa, featuring singer Charlie Puth. Maximus has been asked for a return in Furious 9 and 10.

⁃ MAXIMUS is currently on the September 2019 cover of Hot Rod Magazine and slated for a fold out shoot for 2020. Maximus has also appeared on the cover of MOPAR Muscle.

⁃ MAXIMUS was voted best car at SEMA in 2013 and became a viral car online with millions of fans. Mattel and Jada Toys have made and currently sell toy versions of MAXIMUS in 1:55, 1:32, and 1:24 sizes. MAXIMUS has been computer modeled for use in an upcoming Forza Racing game release.

⁃ MAXIMUS is currently the subject of “DRIVEN”, an auto documentary about the burgeoning field of high end Automotive Art.