Over 16,000 hours of hand shaped metal work and bead rolling resulting in an ALL METAL stealth wide body design.

⁃ The metal is covered with a custom clear coat.

⁃ Patented twin turbo 9.4 Liter 572 inch 2250 PLUS VERIFIED HORSEPOWER ALL-ALLOY HEMI engine

⁃ 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds.

⁃ 0 to 160 mph in 8 seconds. (certified to run legally at NHRA sanctioned events)

⁃ Twin turbocharged, Twin intercooled and a Dual fuel injection computer controlled system that automatically switches fuels from 91 octane to 116 octane when octane threshold is reached

⁃ GPS based traction control system

⁃ 14 inch rotor with 6 piston calipers

⁃ Chassis rigidity is 400% greater than the original design incorporating chromoly 1 3⁄4 tubing

⁃ Every fastener used on the car is a NASA-grade aerospace bolt perfectly sized for its hole and lightened to allow extremely accurate torqueing and un-torqueing

⁃ Custom designed one-off suspension geometry with adjustable instant center capable of 1G and lateral G cornering

⁃ Fully adjustable coil-over shocks on all four corners with splined adjustable sway-bars

⁃ Italian leather interior with double and French hand-stitched seams and German dense carpet

⁃ Triple layered sound and heat barriers designed into entire interior

⁃ "James Bond”-style Robotic dash with IOS control system

⁃ Custom designed SSR Sound system as tuned by Scott Spock

⁃ Race designed pedal assembly for heal-toe driving

⁃ Lifetime rust-proof Exhaust system made from 321 stainless from the headers to the tail pipe

⁃ Ceramic coating, hard nickel plating along with anodizing for durable finishes and heat reduction